About us

Our country needs new physicians and psychologists

What specific qualities do tomorrow's physicians or clinical psychologists need? Which diseases are we faced with as a consequence of demographic change? And how to ensure that individualized high-tech medicine remains affordable and humane?

The Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) sees its mission and its unique function in giving a specific answer to the changed demands of society on the health care system in general, and the training of physicians, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and other health professionals in particular.

For country and region

The Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) is a state-recognized university, a non-profit institution under municipal sponsorship. It stands for innovative teaching concepts and the integration of research, student education and patient care. With three university hospitals – Ruppiner Kliniken, Städtisches Klinikum Brandenburg, and Immanual Klinikum Bernau / Herzzentrum Brandenburg – and currently more than 20 cooperating clinics and around 100 teaching practices we pool science-based expertise and practice-oriented know-how to educate a new generation of physicians and psychologists.

Our objective and claim is to establish a modern format of education which is close to practice, liberal and holistic, and meets the requirements of professional life. We see the qualification and training of physicians and psychologists with subject-specific expertise, competence and social commitment as an active contribution to solving current problems and providing the best possible patient care for the region and the country.

Against the background of our founding mission and objectives, we intend to be a university which takes on future challenges with confidence and courage, breaks new ground in teaching and research, and contributes to the solution of pressing social issues. A university where students enjoy enough space to unfold their talents and develop their personalities. A university which promotes and challenges the individual potential of each member. A university which consistently proves its learning and relational capacities and innovative powers. A university where it is fun to study, teach, research and work. And finally: a university with an institutional non-profit set-up and a special shareholder structure that includes municipalities, hospitals and social welfare organizations, which strives to contribute to patient care, future health and social change – for the region and the country.

Medicine and psychology with head, heart and hand

A primary research interest is medicine of ageing, including all developments, mechanisms and changes that occur in the ageing process and result in diseases or impairments of body or mind which require medical diagnostics, treatment or preventive measures.

The academic self-image of the Brandenburg Medical School rests on findings from basic research on the one hand, and on the other on a holistic, humanist, personal and integrated concept of medicine and psychology with head, heart and hand. The focus is on the patient in his or her individual physical, social and mental situation, and not only on the medical case or type of intervention.

Our three university hospitals – Ruppiner Kliniken, Städtisches Klinikum Brandenburg and Immanual Klinikum Bernau / Herzzentrum Brandenburg - ensure a close integration of research, teaching and patient care. Further cooperating clinics and teaching practices as well as a number of renowned partners from health, politics and science are actively involved in what we do.