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Welcome to the website of the International Office of the Brandenburg Medical School!

International relations and lively cross-cultural exchange are essential to a flourishing university and advancements in teaching, learning and science.

This website offers information on how to complete part of your training abroad, or how students from foreign universities can spend part of their training at the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB).

As a still very young university, the MHB is looking for new opportunities of international cooperation with other universities. If you are interested in a collaboration of this type with the MHB, feel free to contact us at!

The MHB has been an official European university since 2020 and has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 by the European Commission.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

For any further questions, please contact us at

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Internationalisation strategy

Internationalisation in research and teaching at the Brandenburg Medical School is essential in view of increasing globalisation, demographic developments and worldwide competition. International networking and diversity are prerequisites for our university as an attractive location for employees and students. Our internationalisation efforts aim to provide competitive formats in research and teaching and, in return, to receive stimulating effects from international connections.

In our understanding, internationality is measured not by the number but the quality of cooperation agreements. Apart from the customary mobility programmes Erasmus+ and PROMOS, we are currently expanding a total of five bilateral strategic partnerships with institutions on various continents. The objective of these projects of intensive collaboration is the joint design of specific modules and curricula as well as more comprehensive forms of exchange in research and student education.

To perform this task, the university depends on the proactive involvement of all students, teachers and researchers. Internationalisation is perceived as a process with implications for all aspects of the university, from its mission statement to curricular details. In this context the International Office is the first contact point for mobility matters. This is where strategies and measures of internationalisation at the MHB are designed and coordinated with all relevant departments and divisions.

MHB International Office (2020)