Stefan Reinsch

Dr. Reinsch
Titel: Dr.
Aktuelle Position: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Fachbereich: kein
Einrichtung: ZVF-BB
Seebad 82/83
15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin


Dienst-E-Mail: Stefan.Reinsch@mhb-fontane.de
Curriculum Vitae

Freeman E, Adair M, Beeler D, Casper R, Herman M, Reeves D & Reinsch S. Patient-Identified Burden and Unmet Needs in Patients With Cluster Headache: An Evidence-Based Qualitative Literature Review” Cephalalgia Reports January 2022. DOI:1177/25158163221096866

Reinsch S, König A & Rehmann-Sutter C. Decision-making about non-invasive prenatal testing: women’s moral reasoning in the absence of a risk of miscarriage in Germany. New Genetics and Society, 2021, 40(2): 199-215. DOI: 1080/14636778.2020.1805305

Rehmann-Sutter C, Nov-Klaiman T, Hashiloni-Dolev Y, König A, Reinsch S & Raz A. What Does Prenatal Testing Mean for Women Who Have Tested? In Schües C (Hg.) Genetic Responsibility in Germany and Israel. Transcript, Bielefeld 2022, 229-54.

Schües C, Reinsch S, Nov Klaiman T, Raz A & Rehmann-Sutter C. Can Not Wanting to Know be Responsible? Conceptual analysis and meanings of not-knowing in Israeli and German prenatal genetic practices. In Schües S (Hg) Genetic Responsibility in Germany and Israel. Transkript, Bielefeld 2022, 307-352.