Staff mobility – Research and teaching abroad

Staff mobility – Research and teaching abroad

The opportunity to spend time abroad with a support programme is open to MHB staff as well. Basically, there are two options: you can either instruct at a foreign university, or you use your educational leave or a business trip to complete a period of further training abroad.

Important to note: The MHB cannot contact another university on your behalf to arrange your teaching activities or further education. But we shall be pleased to assist you in preparing and organising your stay abroad.


Please contact the International Office no later than one month prior to your planned stay abroad.

Teaching assignment abroad

Please present an invitation from the foreign university where you plan to teach. In addition, please submit a confirmation from your home institution that your teaching assignment is approved for the period in question.

Further training abroad

Please present a confirmation for your business trip or educational leave. In addition, please submit confirmation of your registration for the further training you plan to attend.


Funding for your stay abroad by Erasmus+ is possible under specific conditions. Feel free to contact us at for details.