Young scientists present findings in Lyon

Can Gero Leineweber and Stefan Reinsch attend important meeting on medical education AMEE in Lyon and present research project.

Lyon/Neuruppin, 1 September 2022

Can Gero Leineweber and Stefan Reinsch, two young MHB researchers, attended the important meeting AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) in Lyon from 28 to 31 August in Lyon where they presented a research project on innovations in teaching.

Leineweber, MHB graduate of the second cohort of medical students, is currently involved in a research project at the Barcelona institute IDIBAPS. He describes the learning atmosphere at the MHB as intimate and very close to clinical practice, with innovative and stimulating formats of teaching and learning. “Our joint research project explored the influence of instruction by student tutors vs. graduate tutors on first-year student groups in problem-oriented learning (POL). Tutors were swapped after the first semester. After twelve months we compared test and evaluation results, and we interviewed students for their assessment of student vs. graduate tutors and the tutors as well.”

For project manager Dr. Stefan Reinsch from the MHB Centre for Outcomes Research, one significant and essential result was that in all aspects under consideration, instruction by student tutors was not only not inferior to graduate tutors but even had advantages: based on personal experience with the format of POL at the MHB over years, student tutors succeeded in creating a non-hierarchic learning atmosphere with space for group members to gain experience, to develop autonomy and a sense of belonging to the MHB community.
“From a methodological point of view, I appreciated the participatory approach where students were involved in the project on equal terms, from setting up the research design to data collection and the evaluation and publication of results.”

Can Gero Leineweber adds: “I really enjoyed being part of a heterogenous team of senior faculty, academic staff and students and exploring POL as a core element of medical studies at the MHB. In their personal experience of POL, students identified some aspects with potential for improvement which we will be pleased to address in greater detail. Moreover, the project offered ample opportunity for personal growth and academic progress, in accepting responsibilities as instructors, or in attending this Lyon meeting on medical education, which for me personally was a highlight of our project.”