Virtual information day: a total success

MHB students played a major role in planning and implementing the event

Neuruppin, 8 June 2020

Last Saturday, the MHB organised its first virtual information day with a combination of pre-produced videos and an interactive live programme. Parallel to the information sessions, chat rooms were open for interested individuals to ask questions.

The annual information day had been scheduled to take place on 6 June 2020. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic it was unclear whether the event would be organised this summer. In the end, the MHB decided on the virtual alternative.

Eric Hoffmann, head of MHB communications, planned and organised the day in collaboration with a team of students and staff. Prospective students of medicine and psychology had the opportunity to get personal – although virtual – impressions of the MHB, its specific teaching and learning formats, of students and instructors. Technical aspects aside, so Hoffmann, the biggest challenge was to transport into virtual space what visitors to previous events had always praised most: students’ passionate and infectious dedication, the appreciative family atmosphere, and the magnificent park-like campus grounds: “A number of videos had been produced in advance. Students played a key role in conceiving and implementing the event, and contributed programme items of their own. Students and instructors were available to answer questions in chats. The feedback we receive is very positive!”

Positive feedback

Here are some examples of positive feedback. Lisa: “This virtual information day worked very well for me. They made me feel welcome, all people I met appeared authentic and appreciative, I really want to join in. My warm thanks for the trouble you have taken!” “Resounding applause” from Viktoria, and Nazmiye gives her thanks for this highly successful and informative day: “I learned far more from this virtual event than from a traditional ‘Open Day’.”

Eric Hoffmann is grateful to the entire team of organisers and technicians, and in particular to the students for their outstanding dedication and assistance. His special thanks go to students Tom Putensen and Jannis Schwanemann who participated in the conception of the programme and acted as cool and highly professional presenters of the programme.

Participation in the virtual information day required nothing more than a PC/laptop or mobile phone/iPad with internet access, camera, loudspeaker and microphone, and installation of the free Webex app. Two different trial dates were offered in advance so that prospective participants could become familiar with the required technique.

Repetition possible

More than 400 individuals had registered for the virtual event within a fairly short time, most of whom actually participated. The new format, so Hoffmann, has the obvious advantage of saving the costs, time and effort of a trip to Neuruppin, and gives even more people a chance to get an idea of the Brandenburg Medical School and the courses taught here: “Even when Corona-related rules of distancing and hygiene do no longer apply, the virtual information day may well be repeated as a sensible alternative and addition to information events on site.”

Interested in the videos produced for the virtual information day? See the MHB Youtube channel under VIT-Medizin and VIT-Psychologie.

If you missed the virtual information day, or if you want to take another look at some of the programme items: starting next week, here you will find a slightly shortened recording compliant with data privacy.

More feedback:

“Very informative. Thank you!”

“The presenters were hard to understand at times – probably just initial difficulties, as this was the first virtual information day. In general, I liked the concept and implementation of this unique event. I learned a lot and am now convinced that studies at the MHB are exactly what I have been looking for.”

“Over the past weeks I attended online information events presented by four different private psychology schools. Yours was definitively the best in terms of content as well as organisation and technical implementation.”

“This virtual event was very instructive, surprisingly well organised, and offered pleasant communication. I feel confirmed in my decision to send my application to the MHB.”

“This virtual information day was extremely helpful, instructive and well organised. Students and teachers came over as relaxed and friendly, and I am confident that students are in good hands there. Given the particular circumstances, MHB has presented itself excellently and with a wealth of information. Thank you for your efforts!”

“On the whole this was an interesting mix of theory and practice, with lively and descriptive student contributions.”

“All in all, a real success. And the video of the campus grounds and surroundings was simply perfect.”

“It is OK that you decided not to cancel the information day altogether. But for next year, I would still prefer a personal visit on site.”