Updated information on Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

Neuruppin, 14 September 2022

Dear students and instructors,

the lecture-free period is almost over, and classes of the winter semester 2022/23 start on 4 October. The Corona pandemic will stay with us in the coming autumn and winter months; we therefore want to give details of the MHB concept of hygiene and instruction. Our focus is on the return to classroom instruction, and we are looking forward to lively and interactive teaching events.

  • Classroom instruction: The general format of teaching will be classroom instruction. Exceptions may be made for didactic, not pandemic-related reasons (such as the inverted classroom format), and external instructors may be linked up by video in some cases. End-of-term examinations are scheduled as face-to-face events.
  • Masks obligatory: FFP2 masks remain obligatory inside MHB buildings and during instruction. Masks will not be supplied by the university.
  • Obligatory testing: Attendance at teaching events in MHB buildings does not require regular testing nor regular documentation of negative SARS-CoV-2 quick tests; this also applies to unvaccinated persons and those not yet recovered from Corona.
  • What to do in case of symptoms of cold and infection with the Corona virus: You are requested to have a SARS-CoV-2 quick test carried out. In case of a negative result you may continue to attend instruction. We recommend you stay at home to recover but leave the decision to you. A positive test result obliges you to take a PCR test pursuant to currently valid regulations and on confirmation of infection to isolate yourself. After the stipulated period you are again permitted to attend classes and/or enter MHB buildings. Please report a positive test result or confirmed infection to the university by email to:
  • Attendance in case of infection with Corona and periods of absence/sick leave due to COVID: Personal attendance in case of Corona infection is not possible. The general option of linking up online to classroom instruction is no longer available. Depending on pandemic developments, the university plans to switch over to (possibly temporary) online or hybrid instruction for specific semesters, groups or formats to ensure continued teaching. (With this in mind, it is important to report infections to the student dean’s office and keep us informed.) Please note that POL will no longer be conducted in the hybrid format (combining classroom attendance and virtual linking-up). Periods of absence due to COVID will be treated like other periods of absence. Examination committees will decide on appropriate substitute performance in cases of exceptional hardship. Regulations issued by individual clinics may vary from this and will be communicated separately.

The Brandenburg Medical School continues to advocate responsible and exemplary behaviour to avoid risks of infection for ourselves and others.

We shall inform you without delay of any amendments to our hygiene concept due to revised official regulations.

For questions please contact us via email to or by phone: +49 3391 39-14120.

We hope you have a good start in the new semester and stay healthy.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Hans-Uwe Simon
Dr. Gerrit Fleige
Prof. Dr. Frank T. Hufert
Professor of Microbiology and Virology
Coordinator, Task Force
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Oess
Vice Dean for Curricular and
Student Affairs
Jacqueline May
Office Manager, Curricular and
Student Affairs