Support of children

Neuruppin, 9 September 2020

MHB students start the Unicef action group Brandenburg and expand their commitment to the rights and health of children worldwide specifically in times of Corona. Can Gero Leineweber, 10th-semester medical student and initiator of the group, reports that the group has started to plan and organise projects and PR activities after intensive communication with other groups and Unicef Germany: “In the context of Unicef it is our first priority to stand up for children’s rights. Every child is entitled to life, development and health. As students of the Brandenburg Medical School our focus is on diseases with delaying or limiting effects on children’s development and lives. Every individual can make a contribution.”

A student initiative to fight leukaemia was founded in December 2019 and continued their activities despite the Corona pandemic. Leukaemia patients depend on stem cell donations. A current example is 9-year-old Marlene from Woltersdorf.

Medical student Josephine Steinborn met Marlene on the hospital ward: “Marlene is nine years old, and despite her young age has developed acute myelogenous leukaemia, a form of blood cancer, for the second time. She is a strong-minded positive girl, she loves school, loves to play with her friends, to ride, sing and dance, and she enjoys life. The first time she defeated cancer after chemotherapy. Now the illness is back, and the girl urgently needs a stem cell donation. Finding her genetic twin is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We from the Unicef action group Brandenburg once again invite people to register as possible donors to support Marlene and other patients in their search for suitable donors. Healthy individuals between 17 and 55 are asked to have their blood typed. Interested persons can register from home within minutes. They receive a set with three cotton pads by direct mail. Corona notwithstanding, stem cell donations are urgently needed to save patients’ lives.”

You can order the registration set here free of charge.

Potential donors who registered in the past do not need to register again. Their data continue to be available to patients worldwirde. To Marlene, and all other children.