Students from Israel visit MHB

Two Israeli exchange students from Haifa visited the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) from 6 to 31 January 2020 and attended examinations of ENT patients at the local municipal hospital.

Prof. Markus Deckert (MHB dean), Julian Bauer and David Boten (students), Eitan Kaplan and Emad Khoury (Israeli guest students), Julian Mollin and Prof. Edmund Neugebauer (from left) welcoming the guests

Brandenburg an der Havel, 3 February 2020

Two Israeli exchange students and prospective physicians from Haifa, Eitan Kaplan (31) and Emad Khoury (25), visited the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) from 6 to 31 January 2020. They attended examinations of patients at the ENT department (senior physician: Dr. Birgit Didczuneit-Sandhop) of the local municipal hospital.

According to Julian Mollin (MHB student assistant for international exchange) this is the first exchange in a joint programme of MHB and the medical school of the Haifa TECHNION: “The two guests showed particular interest in the MHB’ strong focus on practice orientation and clinical training. They were cordially welcomed into the team of senior physician Didczuneit-Sandhop and made familiar with daily hospital routines, but were not directly involved in patient treatment for legal reasons. Activities with other MHB students and some trips to Berlin made for a varied and entertaining stay.”

In conclusion of their four weeks in Brandenburg, the two guest students were satisfied with what they learned, and also happy to see that medical care and treatment of ENT patients in Brandenburg an der Havel did not differ too much from conditions in Haifa. They were much impressed by the technical equipment available here, and by the support and close supervision enjoyed by MHB students.

The joint programme envisages trips of MHB students to Israel to complete part of their medical training there.

In December 2018, MHB president Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer had headed a delegation on a visit to the medical school of the TECHNION Haifa (founded in 1924) in preparation of the exchange programme. The guests from the MHB praised the resources on site in terms of technology and personnel, exciting insights into current key research projects, and high-quality laboratory equipment. They visited research facilities and a paediatric hospital with a remarkable interior design and child-friendly layout. Another destination that left a deep impression was a fully equipped operational underground hospital which is meant to ensure medical care and protection for the population in emergencies.

The visit, so Neugebauer, aimed to build up an international network and at the same time stimulated efforts to intensify key research. The University of Haifa is a suitable partner institution with objectives similar to those of the MHB and sets an example in the field of research. Numerous starting points for future collaboration and joint research were identified during that visit.

Julian Mollin adds that MHB students are looking forward to the scheduled regular exchange activities between the MHB and the TECHNION, including clinical traineeships, practical year tertials and research exchange.