Student team Happy Brain joins university network of junior neurologists

Neuruppin, 10 May 2021

Medical students Dzenita Hasanbasic and Charlotte Buhre founded the working group Happy Brain at the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) in the winter term of 2020/21. The team has now been accepted into the university network of junior neurologists within the German Neurology Society DGN. The two initiators are highly pleased and looking forward to participation in exciting projects. 21 universities are actively engaged in the network. The annual DGN conference is Europe’s largest convention of neurologists. 

5th-semester medical student Charlotte Buhre who also holds a Bachelor degree in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Osnabrück invites MHB students to approach the frequently complex neurological issues with joy and openness: “The working group Happy Brain offers student presentations and expert lectures with subsequent discussion to exchange knowledge and thus provide insights into a highly dynamic specialist field.”

2nd-semester student Dzenita Hasanbasic, a qualified Ayurveda therapist, is particularly fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of neurology and its closeness to other fields. “Our motto is ‘Neurology and more’; it reflects the wide range of key topics with origins also in other subject areas such as psychiatry, neurosurgery, psychotherapy, neuroradiology, neuropharmacology or neurobiology.”


The working group with currently about 80 student members meets once per month, mainly for presentations by students and subject specialists.  

Individuals with an interest in the working group and current developments in the field or in presenting a lecture of their own are invited to contact the working group via email at: