Record number of grants

Grant recipient Riglindis von der Osten is grateful that the programme honours not only individuals but also ideas, creativity and social commitment at the MHB.

Neuruppin, 3 April 2020

Over 100 entries, more than ever before, reached the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) in this year’s application procedures for the grant programme Deutschlandstipendium. MHB reports record numbers of applications and of available grants: 30 grants were awarded in the programme context, and 20 additional MHB grants.

Nadine Shalala, MHB officer for the programme, is proud to announce that our young university can again award the highest possible number of grants and further MHB scholarships, and that almost 50% of applicants were successful. The number of available programme grants depends on the number of students enrolled and the private funds procured by MHB. Half of the monthly support of 300 EUR comes from private donors, the other half from Federal Government funds.

The foundation of the local savings bank Sparkasse OPR has been supporting the grant programme Deutschlandstipendium at the MHB right from the start, aiming – so chief executive Markus Rück - to relieve students of medicine and psychology from financial pressure so that they can concentrate on their studies.

The Rotary Club Berlin Kurfürstendamm sponsors a grant for the second time in a row; its president Andreas Richter underlines the intention to promote young and motivated people: “The MHB seeks to train future doctors specifically for rural regions in Brandenburg, which is in line with our ambition to promote projects with an impact on site.”

Growing number of students, increasing demand 

A committee of experts selects applicants in an anonymized procedure with objective criteria. This is not always easy, so Shalala, in view of the impressive range of individual performance and civic commitment among the applicants.

With growing numbers of enrolled students, not least due to the doubled intake of medical students from 48 to now 96 per year, the MHB can award more programme grants and for this purpose needs to procure more private funding.

The Rotary Club Neuruppin is among the new donors; its president Horst-Michael Arndt stresses the importance of support for future doctors and psychologists for the benefit of health care in the region and the state of Brandenburg as a whole.

Double effect

Nadine Shalala points out that there are various ways to sponsor the programme. In addition to companies, foundations and associations, private individuals are also invited. They may even pool funds to share the monthly amount of 150 EUR for one grant. She welcomes the good example set by MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer and his wife Marlene who co-finance a grant. “And the best thing is: all private donations are matched by funding from the Federal Government and thus have a double effect.”

Grant recipient Riglindis von der Osten gives her thanks to all donors who take a proactive interest in students’ concerns: “These grants do not only support individuals, they promote ideas, creativity and social commitment at the MHB.”


Contact for donors:

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