Open Day at MHB highly successful with 800 visitors

Neuruppin, 19 June 2017

The MHB campus in Neuruppin on the premises of Ruppiner Kliniken opened its doors to visitors on Saturday, 17 June 2017, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. About 800 prospective applicants and their families wanted to get information on programmes in medicine and psychology and also personal impressions of the special features of MHB. In view of the great demand and limited capacities registration for the Open Day had to close early.

Dean Prof. Dr. Edmund A. Neugebauer was pleased with the tremendous interest and the steadily growing demand for MHB courses: “With 800 visitors we have almost reached the limit of what a small university like ours can cope with in terms of personnel and space.”

Various stations and programme parts provided information on the Brandenburg medical model curriculum and the Bachelor programme in psychology (B.Sc.). Visitors were introduced to Problem Oriented Learning as a specific teaching and learning format, to the weekly schedule at the Teaching and Communication Centre, and to teachers, students and staff. They learned details about scholarships and financial options which serve to make studies at MHB not a question of money but of personality, suitability and motivation.    

Julian who had come from Hanover noted that MHB differs greatly from other universities in its practice oriented teaching concept and individual selection procedures with a focus less on school-leaving grades but rather on personality and motivation: “The homepage looked very good, and talking to students here and feeling their enthusiasm and dedication makes me wish to take up medical studies here one day.”

Gina is from a small town herself and found the MHB environment and learning formats in small groups appealing. This was her second visit to the Open Day. After her school-leaving exam later this summer she plans to apply for psychology. Her mother accompanied her to Neuruppin and hopes that Gina will be accepted at MHB.

Lova will also leave school this year and apply for one of the 48 places in the Brandenburg medical model curriculum for the summer term of 2018. She appreciates that MHB offers chances to highly motivated school-leavers who dream of studying medicine or psychology but whose average grade is not up to the level required elsewhere.

Dean Neugebauer summed up his impressions as follows: “Feedback from visitors and prospective applicants was consistently positive: excellent organization, exciting and informative events, friendly and competent students and staff. And the perfect weather certainly helped.” He gave his thanks to the staff of MHB and Ruppiner Kliniken and in particular to students who contributed to the success of the Open Day with their professional work and dedication.

MHB starts the next Bachelor programme in psychology on 10 October 2017; deadline for applications is 31 August. The medical programme starts each year with the summer semester; deadline for the next start is 4 October 2017, applications either online or in writing are invited from 1 August 2017.

The next Open Day is scheduled for 2 June 2018.