New premises for new research

Brandenburg an der Havel, 23 August 2018

Research Minister Dr. Martina Münch and Steffen Scheller, Lord Mayor of Brandenburg an der Havel, inspect new laboratory and research facilities of MHB and Brandenburg Municipal Hospital.

According to the Lord Mayor, the new building signifies a boost to Brandenburg an der Havel as a research site and offers excellent opportunities of instruction and research to MHB students and staff.

Prof. Dr. R. Mantke, MHB Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, points out that the new facility has already been instrumental in acquiring 3.7 million EUR in research contracts and third-party funding. About 1,400 square meters of office space will be dedicated to patient-related research on the top floor of the building. Building no. 11 will house the pathology unit from October, and from January 2019 the hospital dispensary and the cytostatics lab.

The equipment is of the latest generation and includes safety showers and protected access areas for the labs. The Brandenburg Municipal Hospital invested 21 million EUR in the 4-storey building, supported by ca. 1.8 million EUR in community funds. René Mantke, director of the surgery clinic at the Brandenburg university hospital and MHB Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, reports that students and staff are looking forward to moving into the new premises. “The research floor has a circumferential corridor with two long parallel hallways, seating areas with armchairs and bistro tables for relaxed conversation and cosy breaks. Rooms have been designed to reflect openness and transparency; internal walls are either glass or have been left out.”

According to Mantke, further space will be needed in the foreseeable future: “An additional building will be necessary in about five or six years; a suitable construction site has been allocated to that purpose. The future development of the MHB and the joint Faculty of Health Sciences will require additional premises soon.”

René Mantke (1st from left), MHB Vice Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, presents the new premises