MHB leading the way to digital and practice-based examinations

The virtual examination is designed as a strictly scheduled parcours.

Neuruppin, 24 March 2021

The Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) is one of the first universities in the German-speaking area to collaborate with the IMPP (central German institute for medical and pharmaceutical examination questions) in designing an innovative, digital and practice-based examination format. Dr. Brühnal (IMPP) and Jacqueline May (MHB) supervised the premiere of the new digital examination which followed a strict schedule. It comprises six OSCE stations and four structured oral examinations (SMP) on basic scientific issues and is based on the format of an obstacle course as scheduled for future M1 examinations.

Jacqueline May is in charge of the MHB Office for Curricular and Student Affairs. She is pleased that the MHB is one of the first universities in the German-speaking area to collaborate with the IMPP in this project: “The MHB participated in the trial run for the new digital parcours exam with ten courageous student volunteers, ten dedicated and experienced OSCE reviewers and six motivated simulation patients.”

OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examination and describes an oral format of practice-oriented examination where students’ performance is assessed with the help of an evaluation sheet which is the same for all (therefore “objective”). The IMPP seeks to advance the existing forms of medical state examinations; this is part of the nationwide “Masterplan Medical Studies 2020” with its emphasis on competence-based teaching and testing. A key focus in this context is on the introduction of so called parcours examinations. In view of the current Corona pandemic, the first examinations had to be conducted in digital form exclusively via video conferences.

May is satisfied with the experience: “All participants gained interesting insights into the development of this new format. They used the opportunity to provide feedback and thus take an active part in giving shape to the new state exams.”

A further pilot testing, this time for M3 exams, is planned to take place in autumn and include the use of tablets.