MHB joins JBI research network

9 March 2023

The Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) together with its university hospital group in Neuruppin, Brandenburg (Havel), Bernau and Rüdersdorf near Berlin is going to join to the research network of the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) of worldwide renown.

The JBI, based at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide (Australia), is an international non-profit center of research and development. As the world’s leading institution in the field of evidence-based healthcare the JBI links academic facilities with hospitals and decision-makers in healthcare, in collaboration with over 70 institutions in 34 countries. MHB president Hans-Uwe Simon is greatly pleased to announce that the MHB is now a partner university in this research collaboration: “A key objective of the JBI and the network is the pooling of information in order to foster scientific exchange, develop and provide advanced training concepts and thus to improve healthcare worldwide.” The partnership will facilitate access to internationally acknowledged findings from health, medicine and nursing and help to extend formats of advanced academic training. Research and practice will profit from exchange within the network.

Dr. Robert Prill, scientific director at the center of orthopedics and trauma surgery, MHB university hospital in Brandenburg an der Havel, is going to build up and manage the new center in Germany called “Evidence Based Practice in Brandenburg (EBB) – a JBI Affiliated Group”. His co-director will be Prof. Dawid Pieper, who heads the Brandenburg Center of Outcomes Research and the Institute of Care and Health Systems Research on the MHB campus Rüdersdorf.

Dr. Robert Prill is also in charge of the Erasmus+ project for strategic partnerships "Evidence Implementation in Clinical Practice" (EICP) at the MHB. He welcomes the successful acceptance of the MHB to the JBI network as a result of collaboration in the project with universities in Croatia, Poland and Czechia. He is glad to note that this means improved visibility of the MHB as a still young university within the research community and immediate access to the comprehensive JBI databanks and software resources. The new JBI center will focus on the fields of evidence implementation in clinical practice and evidence synthesis of primary studies.

A further objective is to make better use of experience gained in the integration of evidence into the practice of care. Dr. Prill and his team plan an early publication of implementation projects from the above-mentioned Erasmus+ project EICP in JBI journals with peer review. Many of these projects will be presented at the first Brandenburg congress on the issue in Brandenburg an der Havel, scheduled for 12 May 2023 in conclusion of the EICP project.

JBI: Founded by Prof. Alan Pearson, JBI was established as a research institute in 1996, based at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia, and takes its name from Joanna Briggs, who was the first matron there. Affiliation to the university followed in 2010.