“MHB is a success story”

Neuruppin, 5 October 2020

New students of psychotherapy and medicine were welcomed with two matriculation ceremonies last week despite Corona and under strict conditions. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke (president of the Brandenburg Parliament), Minister of Science Dr. Manja Schüle and Minister of Health Dr. Ulrike Nonnemacher as invited guests praised the MHB and congratulated the beginners.

On Friday, 2nd October 2020 from 2 to 3.30 pm the Kulturkirche Neuruppin hosted the ceremony for the new Bachelor and Master students of Psychology who start the new MHB curricula in psychotherapy governed by revised licensing regulations in the winter term 2020/21.

In his welcoming speech MHB president Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer referred to new psychotherapy regulations which entered into force on 1 September 2020, and the implications for the training of psychotherapists: “Most universities amended their Bachelor curricula for this autumn to meet legal requirements and licensing regulations. The Brandenburg Medical School is among the first in Germany to offer in addition a new Master course pursuant to the new regulations. This was a huge effort, and today we have definitely something to celebrate.”

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke congratulated the new students on their choice of the MHB and underlined the importance of competences in dealing with people in addition to theoretical expert knowledge. First, so Liedtke, the MHB was just a good idea, then an excellent concept which became reality, and the first physicians will graduate next year: “The MHB project was a tremendous challenge, and is all the more valuable today.”

"This is unique in Germany!"

Science Minister Dr. Manja Schüle also found words of praise for the MHB: “As a small institution the MHB offers excellent teacher-student ratios, short distances and close contacts. You will profit from the innovative concept and curricular approach of this young university, from characteristic features such as regular practical training, intensive collaboration with partner clinics and early patient contact. This basic MHB concept of integrating instruction and practical training right from the start has now become an obligatory curricular element nationwide. The MHB had a head start in the implementation of the new licensing regulations. The MHB-specific format of Clinic Days to foster psychotherapeutic competences in close contact with patients is unique in Germany. The new curricula again confirm the pioneering spirit of the MHB,” so Minister Schüle.

In the vanguard

Prof. Johannes Lindenmeyer, professor of clinical psychology and former director and co-founder of the salus klinik Lindow, together with Dr. Thomas Stamm, MHB professor of clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy, played a major role in introducing the new direct curriculum. He underlined the numerous elements of practical training in earlier MHB curricula which the revision has made obligatory for all of Germany: “This is why we can start the imminent winter semester with not only 30 new Bachelor students but also ca. 40 students in the Master course in clinical psychology and psychotherapy who attended a summer school in the lecture-free period to meet requirements for admission. It fills me with pride to see that we at the MHB together with the State of Brandenburg are again in the vanguard.”

A dream come true

In his keynote speech he stressed that the start of the new curricula was of personal significance to him, having worked towards due recognition of psychotherapists in healthcare and society for more than 25 years of his professional life. He directed the salus klinik Lindow, a large institution for more than two decades – a rare distinction for a psychologist. In that period he trained more than 80 psychologists as psychological psychotherapists and made every effort to provide the decent conditions which the new Psychotherapy Act now stipulates as the general norm: “This is why the personal dream of a psychologist has come true today.”

96 new medical students

48 new medical students who start at the MHB in the winter term 2020/21 celebrated their matriculation in a subsequent ceremony from 5 to 6.30 pm. The MHB also welcomed those 48 students who started in the summer term but without any official ceremony, due to Corona.

In her words of greeting Brandenburg’s Health Minister Dr. Ulrike Nonnemacher described the history and founding impetus of the MHB. She praised developments and achievements to date, thanked all involved for their courage and energy, and called the MHB a true success story in and for the State of Brandenburg.

Courage and humanity

Dr. Tankred Stöbe from the international board of Médecins sans frontières gave the keynote speech. He highlighted some current challenges of humanitarian relief, naming the Mediterranean and Europe, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and also Asia. He met with much approval when in conclusion he offered to assume a kind of humanitarian sponsorship for this class and to be regularly available for conversation in coming semesters.

Livestream broadcast

A chamber music ensemble with Prof. Michael Hauptmann and other MHB members provided musical accompaniment, and Carla Kniestedt acted as presenter. Seating capacity had to be strictly limited due to currently valid hygiene regulations, and each student was admitted with just one accompanying person. This is why the MHB organized a livestream broadcast of both ceremonies.

This video shows the ceremony for psychology students..

Here is the video of the matriculation ceremony for medical students.

The next matriculation ceremony is scheduled to take place on 9 April 2021.