MHB employees benefit from “Deutschlandticket Job”

27 April 2023

The nationwide flat-rate public transport ticket (Deutschlandticket, 49 € per month) will be launched on 1 May. The job ticket version will be even cheaper for MHB employees. Starting 1 June, as one of the first employers in the region the university is going to offer a co-funded ticket to all staff members as a way of support in times of rising prices and also as a small contribution to an ecological traffic turn.

MHB president Prof. Hans-Uwe Simon points to the university’s concern for health, climate and environment as closely connected issues: “It is our responsibility to take action to reduce the wastage of resources and environmental pollution.” The Deutschlandticket in the job ticket version will be an incentive to staff members to improve their personal CO2 balance and use their cars less often; this will increase road safety and promote public transport. The monthly ticket can be used not only for the trip to work and back but for private travels all over Germany around the clock.

The regular price of the new Deutschlandticket is 49 Euro. The regional transport company ORP grants a 5 % discount to the MHB based on a cooperation agreement. The MHB co-funds each job ticket with 17.55 €, so that MHB staff will pay 29 €. According to MHB chancellor Gerrit Fleige, the plan is to offer favorable conditions to students as well; the details of a potential upgrade of the semester ticket to a nationwide validity range for a moderate additional sum are currently being drafted.

Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Dominic Dupont