MHB and Johanniter take innovative action

Dr. Krössin (sitting, left) and Prof. Dr. Neugebauer signing the agreements in the presence of Prof. Gademann as chairman of the board of trustees (from left), hospital director M. Schmidt, MHB chancellor M. Gebauer and authorized signatory Dr. Fleige

Neuruppin/Stendal, 18 September 2020

The Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) and the Johanniter Hospital Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt open new paths to foster general medicine in research and teaching and counteract the shortage of physicians in the region. They are going to jointly establish an endowed professorship of general medicine to train medical students and future specialists in general medicine in Stendal and to initiate research projects. The Johanniter organisation (Order of St. John) provides funding of approximately 1 million € over a period of five years.

The holder of the professorship, so Dr. Thomas Krössin (manager Johanniter GmbH, division acute care hospitals) will have three remits: she/he will be in charge of a general medical practice to be set up in Standal, of a general medicine ward at the Johanniter Hospital with 10 to 15 beds, and of a mobile consultation unit in towns of the region. The holder is further expected to develop services of telemedicine, and last but not least to be active in student training and research.

Improved health care and quality of life

Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer, president of the Brandenburg Medical School, described the new endowed professorship as of key significance to research and instruction at the MHB: “The aim in research in particular will be to identify areas where digital or digitized technologies are especially suitable for improving health services and maintaining the quality of life. It is of key importance to take health competences throughout the life span into account. The teaching practices that will be coordinated by this chair can, moreover, be integrated more effectively into the medical curriculum.”

Dr. Thomas Krössin underlined that the endowed professorship is meant as a clear signal to the Altmark region that the important field of general medicine will be supported to counteract the shortage of physicians.

The Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany is a further partner in this project with much pertinent experience. According to Nadine Roeseler-Shalala, who is in charge of strategic partnerships at the MHB and coordinates the collaboration project, the Association’s involvement ensures that the entire process of establishing the endowed professorship will meet highest standards in terms of quality and transparency.

The invitation to submit applications will be announced shortly. Applicants are expected to be specialists in general medicine with university lecturing qualification, active in practice, student education and research, and with expertise in health services research.


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