MHB acknowledged as ERASMUS university

Neuruppin, 15 July 2020

In times of Corona it may appear somewhat inappropriate to provide information about stays abroad. However, the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) is now officially acknowledged as an ERASMUS university, and stays abroad can be funded from the programmes Erasmus+ and PROMOS.

Erasmus+ offers funding to students for internships of at least two months, and to teachers for teaching assignments and further training in European countries outside Germany.

PROMOS offers financial support to students and doctoral candidates for internships, semester stays, specialized courses and language courses abroad which are not covered by Erasmus+.

The recently revised website of the MHB International Office has details of requirements, modalities and options. There you will also find additional information on MHB internationalisation strategies and arrangements for staff, teachers and students to spend periods abroad.

Professor von Peter is in charge of the International Office. He is pleased that the MHB is now officially acknowledged as part of the ERASMUS network. He is looking forward to many applications after the current difficult situation due to Corona will hopefully have abated.

For questions and comments please contact the International Office (Sebastian von Peter, Charlotte Buhre, Julian Mollin, Riglindis von der Osten and Rute Vasconcelos) at