“Laborious and dysfunctional”

Expert panel from the initiative “Strategy change now!” publishes position paper on introduction of resilient crisis management.

Neuruppin, 17 December 2021

An expert panel from the initiative “Strategiewechsel jetzt!” (strategy change now) with Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer, past president of the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB), and Dr. Klaus Piwernetz as co-authors of the book “Strategiewechsel jetzt!” has just published a position paper with suggestions on how to establish a resilient crisis management for a better control of the pandemic.

The authors describe the idea behind the position paper as follows: “The Corona pandemic has been with us for almost two years. But the way it is handled at various levels is far from optimal. The general public is encouraged to get the vaccine and the booster injection soonest possible, and at the same time we hear that the vaccine is currently not available in sufficient quantities. The new Health Minister is first of all taking stock of the situation. The population is taken aback, many restrictions remain in place. We present detailed suggestions how to improve the management of this specific crisis, having identified optimization potentials in five areas.”

Prof. Neugebauer underlines: “In principle we welcome the planned introduction of a new expert committee. Karl Lauterbach as the new Health Minister intends to widen the circle of advisors in the pandemic. Further measures suggested by the new government to handle the pandemic are basically right but do not go far enough. They adhere to outdated structures which in some respects have turned out to be too laborious and dysfunctional.”

Dr. Piwernetz adds: “What we really need is a strategy change, with independent but functionally connected expert bodies to implement political decisions, operative crisis control and communication management. In this manner, a promising and agile crisis management system can be established on the basis of valid data and sound scientific findings. These changes have the potential for a better handling of the current pandemic and future challenges.”

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Contact for media inquiries:

Prof. Dr. Edmund A. M. Neugebauer
Senior Professor of Health Services Research
Past President, MHB

Dr. Dr. Klaus Piwernetz
Managing Director, medimaxx health management GmbH