Information on special features of MHB programmes

Neuruppin, 28 November 2022

The Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) organized a Virtual Open Day last Saturday, with a colourful mix of contributions from teachers and students. Prospective students of medicine and psychotherapy took the opportunity to get an authentic and first-hand impression – despite the distance – of the MHB, its innovative programmes and practice-based formats of teaching and exams. Chat rooms invited interested individuals to ask pertinent questions.

Dr. Eric Alexander Hoffmann (head of communications) was again in charge of the organization, assisted by a student team. He pointed to the advantages of the online event for potential students: “Interested individuals had the chance to learn all about the MHB, student life in Brandenburg, accommodation, individual admission procedures, available grants and ways to finance their studies, and all this without compulsory masks and the time and costs involved in a trip to Brandenburg. They got valuable additional information, practical advice and a good idea of what makes our courses special.”

Medical studies – modular and integrated instruction

3rd-semester student Samira Dabelow acted as presenter for prospective medical students. Prof. Stefanie Oess, MHB professor of biochemistry, described the founding principles of the MHB and gave an overview of the associated university hospitals. In tandem with medical student Marlene Lochmann she illustrated in great detail the special features of the Brandenburg Medical Model Curriculum as an integrated, patient- and practice-oriented, science-based programme with a focus on students and the competences to be acquired: “Unlike conventional medical studies, the MHB programme has a modular structure and is arranged according to organs and organ systems. The benefit for students is that theoretical fundamentals of biology, chemistry and physics are always conveyed with immediate reference to clinical practice.”

Marlene Lochmann described another advantage: “This modular structure of a generally very challenging programme has made it far easier for me to learn and understand the complex theoretical basics.” MHB students do not take their first state examination as a separate exam at the end of the fourth semester but in parallel to the final part of the fifth semester, which reduces the risk of failing at this hurdle.

Psychology programme – close to practice and pursuant to new licensing regulations

Prof. Bettina Döring (MHB professor of clinical psychology and psychotherapy) presented the event for potential psychology students and illustrated the outstanding features of the MHB psychology programme in accordance with new licensing regulations.

Participation in the virtual event did not require more than a computer/laptop or smartphone/iPad with internet access, camera, speaker and microphone. The free-of-charge Webex app had to be installed as well.

Psychology student Sophie Walter as one of the major organizers of the event was highly pleased that about 400 interested individuals had registered: “Despite the social distance it was once again a very personal and interactive Open Day; lots of questions were asked and answered, and the feedback was generally very positive.”

Hoffmann points to the Corona pandemic as one of the original reasons behind the online event, which by now has established itself as a well-accepted and highly successful format. The low-threshold service, so Hoffmann, offers prospective students immediate and personal exchange with MHB instructors and students and helps them to decide whether studies at the MHB are worth considering. He announces the next Virtual Open Day for Thursday, 25 May 2023, irrespective of developments in connection with the pandemic.


Feedback from participants:

"I was pleased that all questions were addressed. Many questions had been answered in presentations anyway. My impression was that all students are happy with their medical studies at the MHB.”

"Super event, and very good that immediately afterwards there was the opportunity to put questions to students."

"Very authentic. Informative. Thank you."

"A nicely arranged event, and good to get input from the medical students’ point of view."

"Lots of information, and presented in a relaxed and enjoyable manner so that you didn’t feel overwhelmed. Thank you!"

"Excellent organization, very informative!"

"A well-organized Virtual Open Day, lots of interesting details from a variety of presenters. Pleasant atmosphere, very relaxed. Thank you!"

"Very instructive! The virtual event has certainly made people curious to learn more about the MHB!"

"Students as consultants – a great idea. Everything so relaxed and friendly, you really felt you should send your application right away. Big praise!"

"All important information presented in a well-structured and understandable manner, specifically on the design of courses; the input on finances by Sparkasse & Chancen eG was also extremely helpful and easy to follow. The question round with students was a great idea and useful in terms of more general issues involved in a course of (medical) studies. Students were very nice and took pains to give conscientious answers to all questions."

"Excellent set-up. I am impressed and was really thrilled to be in direct contact with students."

"The event was very instructive, and I am pleased to have been part of it. What I liked in particular was the feeling that all communication (students and teachers) was at eye level. The programme was well organized and consistent."

"Huge praise to Prof. Doering for her congenial style of presentation! All students involved appeared to be very authentic and had answers to all questions. And a compliment to Martin Stahlberg from the savings bank who addressed the complex and dry subject of finances in a clear and even entertaining manner."

"I am grateful to all who took the time on a Saturday to provide comprehensive information about and around the MHB. Thanks to Prof. Döring for her pleasant moderation of the entire event, to all people involved in presenting essential details to prospective students, and to MHB students for insights into their current life. This was one of the best structured and highly informative online events I have ever experienced. Many thanks!"

"Super event!"

"Very interesting indeed, and super implementation! Thank you."