Information on Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

Here you find information provided by MHB on current measures and recommendations related to the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Information is being updated and amended on a regular basis.

Like all other MHB students, the new 48 medical students will receive virtual instruction exclusively for the time being.
Like all other MHB students, the new 48 medical students will receive virtual instruction exclusively for the time being.


Neuruppin, 04.08.2020

Information on instruction under restrictions due to Corona virus – partial attendance in winter term 20/21

Dear students, dear instructors,
we are all well aware that the Corona pandemic will remain with us, and we can only hope that the current second wave will not escalate further. What we certainly hope for is a speedy and substantial return to normality; at the MHB, that would be attendance teaching and presence on campus.

Following extensive consultation to reconcile requirements and needs and permit reliable planning for the coming semester, the university management has decided to arrange for partial attendance teaching in the winter semester 2020/21. This shall apply subject to changes in currently valid pandemic-related regulations.

In practical terms, that means that lectures and seminars will generally be conducted online whereas events organized in small groups (e.g. POL, TRIK, exercises in diagnostics and therapy) will require attendance on site. Practice Days and Clinic Days will also require attendance, in coordination with the respective clinics and doctor’s offices. The latter requirement may be waived in special cases for specific cohorts and locations, and short-term rearrangements are possible. In organising the class schedules, we try our best to keep the needs of commuting students and staff in mind.

We are currently evaluating your feedback on digital instruction during the past summer semester to identify any necessary changes in technical performance, organisation or didactics and implement then as effectively as possible.

The pandemic might progress even more dynamically than the MHB; we shall keep you informed. Essential information will be provided on this channel to avoid overloading email accounts; in addition, please check the MHB website and event-related information in Moodle!

Best wishes
Prof. Markus Deckert

Neuruppin, 20 May 2020

Information on instruction at the MHB in times of Covid-19

In a joint meeting of the university management and all MHB members in charge of instruction and student affairs at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, and after careful consideration of the pros and cons, the decision was taken to continue virtual instruction formats for students of medicine and psychology for the duration of the summer term. For details see below.

Dear students, dear instructors,

having carefully studied the current situation and considered wishes for a quick return to normal procedures vs. safety requirements and regulations, we decided today to continue online instruction for the duration of the summer semester 2020.

Exempted from this general rule is ongoing instruction in the compulsory elective subject “medical specialisation areas” for 7th-semester students. The plan is to organise hospital ward internships for 9th-semester students on site as scheduled; but this will require short-term consultations with the respective clinics. Students will be informed soonest possible and in time.

As to Practice Days, there is still the option of block-wise organisation in a surgery near a student’s hometown in the lecture-free period. We are still trying to find a solution for the Clinic Days for psychology students; they, too, will be offered a chance of a Clinic Day in or near their hometown.

In July, students of medicine and psychology will have to sit written semester examinations on campus in either Neuruppin or Brandenburg. They will receive pertinent information including dates and locations by mail from the respective exam committees. Examinations on site will be governed by regulations on hygiene and safety as communicated. Formats of oral examination (combined examinations) will be conducted online. The OSCE examination for psychology students will probably be postponed to the 5th semester. Pertinent information will be issued shortly.

Our Webex and Moodle team provides continuous support. The virtual Campuswerkstatt is updated on a regular basis, and our SkillsLab tutors are involved in the virtual implementation and conveyance of practical course content.

As already announced, a week of block instruction is scheduled to take place prior to the semester start on October 5 to cover teaching units that had to be cancelled previously; details will be planned and communicated after the semester ends.

Stay healthy.

Best wishes

Prof. Markus Deckert
Dean, FMP
Prof. Thomas Stamm
Vice Dean, Curricular and Student Affairs
Prof. Stefanie Oess
Chair, Academic Committee Medicine
Jacqueline May
Office Manager, Curricular and Student Affairs

Neuruppin, 30 April 2020

Information on teaching formats in times of Covid-19

Dear MHB students and teachers,

this is an update on how teaching will continue during restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A priority is, once again, to thank all concerned for their excellent, flexible and innovative response to this exceptional situation. We are impressed by so much creative energy released by the challenges of the current crisis to conduct student training at our Faculty of Medicine and Psychology. A survey among teachers and students showed mainly positive feedback

to the changed conditions, as a result of your tremendous commitment and open attitude for what is new.

Basically, the current situation requires that we stick to the strategy of ensuring reliable and at the same time flexible formats of teaching and studies at the MHB. You have already been informed that the university management, in consultation with our Covid-19 task force and representatives of the examination committee, decided to continue instruction in medicine and psychology in the present form until at least 31 May 2020. Exceptions apply exclusively to 7th-semester students, for whom we plan to arrange practical periods on the ward in the context of elective subjects.

By 18 May we (the above-mentioned university representatives) shall decide on teaching formats applicable from 1 June to the end of the summer term. If the decision is to (partly) resume classes with obligatory attendance, we shall provide the required conditions in terms of safety and hygiene at the respective locations. Preparations to that end are under way.

By 18 May we shall further inform you about modalities for end of term exams. This applies to students of medicine and psychology alike. We intend to organise all medical exams in accordance with requirements of the state exam authorities (LPA) so that results will be accepted as equivalent to the preliminary medical examination and as application for admission to the state examination. All exams for psychology students will be organised in such a way that they correspond to requirements of registration for the newly introduced state examination. We are in contact with the pertinent authority to resolve the last remaining legal uncertainties.

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope that our university will continue to stand the test of these difficult times.

Stay healthy!

Best wishes from

Prof. Markus Deckert
Dean, FMP
Prof. Thomas Stamm
Vice Dean, Curricular and Student Affairs
Prof. Stefanie Oess
Chair, Academic Committee Medicine
Jacqueline May
Office Manager, Curricular and Student Affairs

Neuruppin, 27. April 2020

Compulsory face masks in Germany

Starting today, face masks have become compulsory almost everywhere in Germany. This is why the MHB plans to make face protection available to students, staff and guests. For a first impression of what we have in mind, see

We are looking forward to your vote on the favourite model. Feel free to send us your own suggestions and creative feedback.

Best wishes from MHB

Neuruppin, 17 April 2020

Updated information for students and teachers at the start of the new semester and the introduction of virtual classes

Dear students, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

many parts of the MHB are humming with activity, despite Corona and the resulting reduction of social contacts and general slowdown. The summer semester started as planned on 1 April, with the inevitable restrictions and reorganisation. While most other universities are still preparing for the new term and the digitisation of courses, we were the first in Germany to start fully digitised teaching on 6 April.

Thanks to intensive preparation and curricular organisation by Jacqueline May and her team over several weeks, digital classes have been running successfully right from the start. We have actually received a quality seal from the internet portal for our efforts. Some events that require physical attendance, such as activities in the traditional week for newcomers or Practice Days, had to be cancelled; but feedback is mainly positive.

In view of currently valid regulations based on government decisions, virtual classes will continue at the MHB until 3 May, and in all probability for some time to come. Parallel to this, we shall develop a possible scenario for a switch to instruction with attendance.

While 48 beginners are starting their medical studies in Neuruppin, students of the very first MHB class are taking the medical state examination (M2) in Potsdam, also under unfavourable conditions. We wish them all the best and are confident that they are up to the challenge.

There are nationwide discussions how to proceed with such examinations in times of Corona. The State of Brandenburg, in consultation with the MHB management and students, has decided to adhere to the original date. Our thanks go to our sponsoring hospitals for providing the protective materials that are required to conduct the exams in an effective and safe manner.

The Corona pandemic has changed life and daily activities for all of us. We at the MHB perceive the situation as an invitation to imagine alternative scenarios, a chance for development and improvement via innovative technologies in teaching, research and administration. So let us remain strong and courageous, and – most important these days – stay healthy!

Best wishes,

Edmund Neugebauer
Gerrit Fleige
Head of Administration

Neuruppin, 7 April 2020

Up-to-date information for students and staff on the start of the new semester and switch from presence mode to virtual instruction.

Dear students, dear instructors,
although life at the MHB is affected by radical changes due to the Corona pandemic, the summer semester started as scheduled on 1 April 2020. All instruction with class attendance has been suspended up to and including 19 April 2020; we have switched over to virtual instruction. Students are requested to stay at home until further notice and thus help to slow down the outbreak and protect themselves and others. Depending on risk assessment, it will be possible to continue instruction exclusively via electronic platforms and video conferences after 19 April. Our current understanding is that virtual instruction will go on until end of April or longer.

Our concept of teaching developed over the past weeks corresponds to decisions, requirements and regulations of MWFK, LPA, RKI, MFT etc. and permits instructors as well as students to work from home, from the clinic or campus facilities in a flexible but structured manner. We keep in mind that numerous students, also MHB students, are volunteering in hospitals and surgeries, and we try to reconcile this valuable commitment with their obligations as student and to find uncomplicated solutions and possibilities of acknowledgement in collaboration with examination committees. Students can choose between life attendance and later retrieval of materials and recordings via Moodle.

Teaching events are organised in the form of web seminars. In collaboration with the platform Webex, we have created virtual settings for lectures, seminars, exercises etc. for the respective programmes and semesters.
For each semester respectively, students will receive plans of these virtual settings with links for attendance and codes for dial-up access. They will not require personal accounts and only need to enter name, surname and MHB email address.
For instructors we have prepared short instructions explaining how and where they can attend meetings. These instructions are available on Moodle under “Virtuelle Lehre 2020“.

We hope that these measures have served to create an appropriate learning and teaching environment for our students and instructors, and we kindly ask for your understanding and patience in case of unexpected problems. As an institution we are not only teaching but also learning, and in the current situation which is unprecedented for everybody we would ask you for your feedback in case of difficulties.

We are at your service and send virtual but nevertheless warmest greetings!

Your team from the office for curricular and student affairs

Neuruppin, 13 March 2020

MHB takes steps to slow down progress of CoVID-19 pandemic.

MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer: “The illness will probably be harmless for most of us. However, as the virus multiplies in the upper respiratory tract – unlike SARS – it is highly infectious before symptoms occur. Even under favourable assumptions, an uncontrolled spread will result in cases of severe illness and avoidable death, and extreme strain on the health system. The MHB is aware of its particular responsibilities in health care and society.”

The MHB task force SARS-CoV-2 set up by Prof. Frank Hufert (virology) last week has taken the following preventive steps to protect students and staff, in addition to general recommendations:

  • The semester will start on 1 April 2020 as planned. However, on-site instruction will be suspended up to and including 19 April 2020. For this period, instruction will be organized via electronic platforms and video conferences. Students are requested to stay at home and thus help to slow down the spread of the pandemic and protect themselves and others.
  • Practical-year students are requested to adhere to regulations passed by the respective clinics.
    Dates and alternative dates for repeat exams, registration, events for first-semester students etc. are currently under revision.
  • Other scheduled events are suspended for the time being, including the matriculation ceremony scheduled for 3 April 2020.
  • Activities in administration and research will continue where possible. For MHB staff this means that they should work from home whenever possible, subject to consultation with their superiors (‘home office’). Work from home is obligatory for all MHB staff who may have been in contact with infected persons. All MHB employees showing influenza symptoms are recommended to have themselves tested without delay. Positive test results are to be reported at, so that there is a chance to control infection routes within the MHB.
  • A ban has been declared on all business trips outside the MHB locations. Public traffic in MHB buildings is to be reduced to a minimum.

Neugebauer hopes that these steps will contribute to infection prophylaxis at the MHB and to the protection of students, staff and the general public: “We are convinced this is the best way to ensure ongoing instruction and minimize adverse effects.”

General rules of conduct

Please note that information on CoVID-19 will be updated continuously, and please consult responsible sources, such as the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

Here is a summary of the most important rules. Observe general hygiene rules:

  • recommended sneezing behaviour

  • no handshakes
  • wash hands frequently and thoroughly (min. 30 seconds according to instructions*)

  • keep your hands away from your face

  • keep distance of at least 1.5 m from others in conversation and in public
  • ventilate closed rooms at regular intervals
  • use the disinfectant dispensers in MHB buildings

In case of respiratory symptoms during your time at home, inform a doctor without delay who will assess the risk involved and test you for SARS-CoV-2 if indicated and will inform the health authorities of a positive test result.