Heroes in times of pandemic

As representatives of all dedicated MHB students, Josephine Steinborn (centre) and Can Gero Leineweber (right) accept award from Neuruppin’s mayor Jens-Peter Golde.

Neuruppin, 11 December 2020

The town of Neuruppin honoured Josephine Steinborn and Can Gero Leineweber with the award “heroes in times of pandemic” as representatives of all MHB students who showed outstanding commitment in fighting Corona. In March 2020 the MHB had started an appeal for volunteers to help managing the Corona crisis. MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer underlined the vital importance of an efficient health system and reliable medical services. He pointed to secured medical care in the region as a key objective behind the civic initiative to establish the MHB five years earlier, and the need for solidarity and collaboration in challenging times.

Dr. Eric Alexander Hoffmann, head of communications at the MHB, selected the two students as representatives of all dedicated students. He reports that approximately 200 MHB students of medicine and psychology responded to the call for help. About 50 of them assisted the staff of the Brandenburg panel physician association KVBB and the assessment centres, others volunteered in public health services, cooperating hospitals and local surgeries.

Impressive dedication

Hoffmann goes on to praise the impressive dedication of MHB students to a wide and diverse range of issues: “They contribute to developments at the MHB in teaching, research and administration. In addition, their social and political initiatives have a notable impact on the towns of Brandenburg an der Havel and Neuruppin. Josephine Steinborn and Can Gero Leineweber are among those who during and prior to the Corona pandemic have assumed social responsibility in various contexts. This is why they deserve to receive this award on behalf of our dedicated students.”

Both students expressed their surprise and gratitude for the recognition and appreciation of the student initiative.

Starting 2005, the town of Neuruppin has annually honoured volunteers for outstanding social commitment. This year’s focus was on heroes in times of the Corona pandemic. Other award winners apart from the MHB students were the local Vietnamese community, the fire brigade and 22 further citizens. Unlike earlier years, there was no ceremony inside the town hall; instead, the awards were handed over to representatives of three initiatives outside the building and at the required distance.

Award-winning initiatives were the MHB students, the local Vietnamese community and the fire brigade.