Help in times of Corona

MHB psychology students offer guidance in times of Corona via videoconference.

Neuruppin, 29 May 2020

The media are full of news about Corona and the implications. Resulting changes in daily life affect everybody and impose a considerable burden on many individuals. It is therefore all the more necessary to develop an awareness of one’s own mental health and well-being and to effectively utilize one’s powers and resources. 

The abbreviation PPB stands for a preventive psychological online consultancy recently introduced at the MHB which targets people distressed by the Corona crisis. Consultants are Master students of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, supervised by Prof. Dr. Thomas Stamm and M. Sc. Psych. Lydia Zönnchen.

The idea, so Lydia Zönnchen, is to provide an attractive low-threshold service to affected persons. Guidance is available in the form of online video sessions of 20 to 50 minutes, depending on a user’s needs and preferences. 

Users can expect a diverse range of suggestions how to cope with stress and fears and bring about lasting improvement. This is a list of topics and objectives to choose from:   

1) Self-care helps fight cabin fever. Discover sources of power in times of crisis
2) Enjoy life! How to practice self-care and enjoyment
3) How to cope with emotions, talk about feelings and practice empathy for yourself
4) Leave your worries behind! How to cope with fears, how to understand fears
5) It is important to rest! How to understand insomnia, how to sleep better

For more information and appointments, please call 03391 39-14820 or send an email to

Text: Amelie Braun.