Heart issues

lexander Krutz, Jonathan Nübel and Franz Eggert – from left – initiate student working group for cardiovascular medicine

Neuruppin, 26 May 2020

Medical students Alexander Krutz, Franz Eggert (both 3rd semester) and Jonathan Nübel (11th semester) initiated a working group for cardiovascular medicine in the summer term of 2020.

The tremendous interest among students is a strong motivation, so Alexander Krutz: “With over 30 members after the first few meetings we are now the largest and most active medical working group.”

The initiative aims to organise and stimulate formats of extracurricular further training in cardiovascular medicine. Jonathan Nübel: “The idea is to create a context where students can learn from and together with each other. Many students have acquired comprehensive previous knowledge in training courses, electives or the Practical Year, and their fellow students could benefit from this.”

The working group addresses a colourful mix of topics mainly suggested by the students themselves. The plan is to offer regular practical exercises such as interpretation of ECG, and to exchange theoretical input beyond curricular content. Alexander Krutz announces that external experts will be invited in addition to MHB professors and researchers.

Jonathan Nübel adds: “The working group is a suitable platform to draw attention to exciting aspects of science and research and thus to encourage young scientists and promote networking among students and researchers as an essential element of science-based studies.”

Franz Eggert underlines the importance of interdisciplinarity: “Our interests include cardiosurgery and vascular medicine. For the upcoming generation of physicians, interdisciplinary approaches beyond subject boundaries must become integral parts of their professional identity.”

The working group has regular weekly meetings on “Cardiovascular Thursday”, currently in virtual space. Interested students are cordially invited to join in. For questions, suggestions and comments you can contact the working group Cardiovascular Medicine at ag-kardiovaskulaeremedizin@mhb-fontane.de.