Health Networkers award for project idea

Hannah Leichsenring, MHB, and Ute Sadowski and Martina Osterndorff-Windvogel from the association Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (from left) are delighted about the award) (photo: Jula Halsinger)

Neuruppin, 7 September 2022

Project idea to set up a “Centre of Health Competence” with a participatory concept wins second place endowed with € 4,000.

Hannah Leichsenring who coordinates the project on behalf of the MHB executive board in collaboration with the association Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. explains the aims as follows: “The focus is on information about health risks and prevention, on specific conditions and rare diseases, and on the healthcare system in general. We want to strengthen patients’ health competences as a further contribution to improving the provision of healthcare, particularly in structurally weak areas in rural Brandenburg.”

A key element in terms of effect and success, so Leichsenring, is the participatory approach: “Patients and self-help groups have been significantly involved right from the start of the project and will have a say in the implementation. We hope to reach the greatest possible number of people and stimulate an interest in health-related issues. A low threshold is particularly important in the field of prevention.”

In granting the award the jury stated: “The project addresses a subject of much current debate. Higher health competence on the part of patients is a core element in improved healthcare, helps to understand one’s individual condition, and raises awareness in the prevention and management of illness. The concept promises to contribute to improved healthcare provision in structurally weak rural areas.”

Patients, families and interested individuals are encouraged to get involved at all levels in the now following phase so that appropriate offers and services can be developed to strengthen health competences.

Endowed with a total of € 20,000, the Health Networkers award was presented for the eleventh time at this year’s 17th Health Networkers Conference in Berlin on 6 September 2022. After extensive debate the jury decided to honour three winning projects. The two first prizes went to trivention GmbH for “SALUTE: a hybrid online treatment tool for psychooncology” and to MuM – Medizin und Mehr eG for their project ›Aktiv nach COVID-19‹. The project to set up a “Centre of Health Competence” designed by the Brandenburg Medical School in collaboration with the association Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. won the second place, endowed with € 4,000.

Entries were invited from representatives of various disciplines developing or already implementing concepts to address topical challenges in healthcare. The jury received approximately 50 applications.