German Pension Insurance Fund establishes research group at MHB

Neuruppin/Berlin, 20 February 2020

The Berlin-Brandenburg section of the German Pension Insurance Fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung – DRV BB) establishes a research group for rehabilitation sciences and care research at the MHB for an initial 5-year period, located at the MHB Centre for Health Services Research (ZVF-BB). MHB and DRV BB signed an endowment agreement in February for a long-term collaboration.

MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer is pleased to have found a strong partner and sponsoring organisation dedicated to the support of young scientists in the field of rehabilitation sciences and health services research: “A core task is to overcome the boundaries of individual disciplines, and to develop and test innovative formats of interdisciplinary care. We will hereby strengthen our scientific focus on health care and medicine for an ageing population.”

Christian Wolff, deputy managing director of the DRV BB, describes the underlying intention: “Our rehabilitation measures benefit people whose health problems prevent them from meeting occupational demands and taking part in social life. Rehabilitation is worthwhile not only for insured patients; it has already paid off for the contributor scheme as a whole if it enables an affected individual to work and pay pension contributions for about four additional months. Our joint project with the Brandenburg Medical School aims to test and refine concepts, methods and structures of rehabilitative services and to promote transfer between research and practice not only in the context of our two rehabilitation clinics.”