Enthusiasm and dedication

Brandenburg an der Havel, 3 February 2020

Third presentation of poster awards to MHB students on 31 January 2020.

Prof. René Mantke in his capacity as congress chairman welcomed his audience in the full lecture hall in Brandenburg an der Havel. 48 6-semester students had competed for the four awards endowed by the MHB donors’ association. Mantke thanked their supervisors for their support during the 8-week scientific internship. He underlined the importance of training in scientific methodology and its application in practice and praised all participating students for their dedicated and successful efforts.

The reviewers (Prof. Markus Deckert, Prof. Olaf Grisk, Dr. Anja Haase-Fielitz, Dr. Meike Hoffmeister, Prof. Martin Heinze, Prof. Christine Holmberg, Prof. Frank Hufert, Dr. Philipp Jaehn, Prof. Stefan Koch, Prof. Stefanie Oess, Prof. Patricia Ruiz and Dr. Nina Wittenmeyer) shared his positive assessment of project results that had been submitted to them in the form of posters. Winners of the competition were Anton Barucha, Cara Bülow, Alix Hieronymi and Isabella Sappl. Barucha had explored biochemical details of a cell cycle dependent interaction of proteins NOSIP and PP2A. The absence of the NO synthase interacting protein leads to craniofacial deformities in the mouse model such as cleft lip and palate. It was a challenge for him to present the comprehensive data in a condensed format on a poster. The same as fellow student Patrick Blüschke, he confessed he was nervous before the test – seven minutes presentation, seven minutes discussion. But he felt the test was excellent preparation for congresses. 

The event concluded with a poster session and ample opportunity for exchange among participants and visitors. 

Guest commentary from „WIR vom Campus“ - (edition 03-2020) – Städtisches Klinikum Brandenburg.