Double effect

Grant recipients say thank you.

Neuruppin/Potsdam, 19 March 2021

According to the latest funding notice received from the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Cultural Affairs the number of Deutschlandstipendium grants to be awarded at the MHB rises from 30 to 36 in the summer term of 2021.

Nadine Shalala coordinates the programme at the MHB. She is pleased with the increase and proud to note that – thanks to successful fundraising – all approved grants can actually be awarded. The number of available grants depends on the number of registered students and on funds raised from private donors by the MHB; 50% of the monthly grant of 300 € are government-funded, the rest comes from private sponsors.

The foundation of the local savings bank OPR has supported the programme at the MHB right from the start. Markus Rück who chairs the board at the bank underlines the importance of helping students of medicine and psychology so that they can concentrate on their studies.

The Rotary Club Kurfürstendamm/Berlin is another sponsor. President Stefanie Lejeune points out that the idea to educate and recruit physicians specifically for rural areas coincides with the Rotary Club’s intention to promote projects with local impact: “And it is a particular pleasure to help young and motivated people.”

Grant recipients say thank you.

Growing number of students, growing demand

A committee of experts selects recipients from anonymised applications. Nadine Shalala: “At a small university like this, many dedicated students are personally known to us. We want objective criteria for the selection procedure. It is not easy to choose from so many eligible applicants, most of whom demonstrate impressive commitment and performance.”

The number of potential grants and therefore the demand for further private funds is growing with the number of students enrolled, specifically with the doubled intake of medical students to now 96.

Having financed one scholarship during the last grant period, the Neuruppin Rotary Club is going to continue its support; president Andreas Leske believes that it is worthwhile to sponsor MHB students and that the region and the entire State of Brandenburg will profit from the activities of these prospective doctors and psychologists in the long term.

Grant recipient Riglindis von der Osten is grateful to note that the scholarships promote “not only individuals but also ideas, creativity and social commitment at the MHB”.

Double effect

Nadine Shalala says there are many options for individual support: “I was very glad to learn that MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer and his wife Marlene set a good example and co-finance a grant for the second time. We invite not only companies, foundations and associations; private individuals can be sponsors as well, either singly or in groups to shoulder the monthly 150 € jointly. And the best part is that state funding doubles private donations and thus doubles the desired effect.”

Feedback from grant recipient Riglindis von der Osten confirms that the programme has more than just financial aspects: “My explicit thanks go to the sponsors who take an interest, proactively support the MHB and its students and give their backing not only to individuals but also to ideas, creativity and social commitment at the MHB.”

Contact for sponsors:

Nadine Roeseler-Shalala, CFRE
Coordinator Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising & Alumni
Phone: +49 (0) 3391 39-14106