Donations by medical students

Handing over the donation at the “Haus der Offiziere” (HDO) as part of the Jugendkulturfabrik, a cultural facility for young people - from left to right: Andreas Thiele, Andreas Walz, Charlotte Buhre, Jan Auswitz. Photo: HDO

Brandenburg an der Havel/Neuruppin, 13 February 2021

The MHB departmental committee of medical students – medical student initiative MedSI e.V. donates 1,000 Euro respectively to two cultural facilities in Neuruppin and Brandenburg an der Havel.

Charlotte Buhre from the MedSI board addresses problems facing associations with event localities and bars in the current Corona lockdown: “Over the past years MHB students have met great people in these associations, we have organised some cool projects with them and have repeatedly used their locations for parties. As a sign of solidarity and support for their cultural and social activities our departmental student committee has decided to donate the money we would have spent on Christmas parties to two facilities: one is the “Haus der Offiziere” as part of the association Jugendkulturfabrik Brandenburg, the other is the youth leisure centre “Alte Brauerei” in Neuruppin.”

This is the HDO team’s reaction on facebook: “Wow. We are overwhelmed, guys! In the period between the first and the second lockdown our Baikonur Bar was open for just two months on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is when we met all those splendid students from the Brandenburg Medical School. They returned every week, and we were happy to see that they quickly felt at home with us. We got used to each other in record time and were really sad when Corona put an end to these nice evenings in November. The scheduled Christmas party for medical students had to be cancelled as well. Now they decided to divide the money earmarked for the party between us and the youth leisure centre “Alte Brauerei” in Neuruppin where they also love to spend time. We are touched and very grateful for this donation. We plan to stage a giant party for them before they graduate!”