DNVF: Neugebauer passing on the baton

Berlin, 18 May 2018

Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer, Dean of the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) now ended his term as chairman of the German Network of Health Services Research (DNVF) after two re-elections and a total of 6 years in charge. The 24th general meeting of the association in Berlin unanimously elected Dr. Monika Klinkhammer-Schalke as successor on 16 May 2018.

A co-founder of the network in 2006, Neugebauer was active as its manager until 2010 and from then on as vice chairman. In May 2012 he was elected chairman of the executive board for the first time. Prior to the bi-annual election of the new board the almost 100 assembled members now honoured him with a plaque in recognition of outstanding dedication and perseverance in directing and developing the network over the year.

Edmund Neugebauer (1st from right) ends term as chairman (source: DNVF)


Neugebauer will continue to serve on the board for the next two years. He expressed his thanks and declared himself highly satisfied that the network succeeded in making its influence felt on a learning healthcare system and contributing to constructive dialogue between politics, self-administration and science.

Prof. Dr. Karsten E. Dreinhöfer (Charité Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff (University of Cologne) were confirmed as board members. Newly elected were Prof. Dr. Max Geraedts (University of Marburg), Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Härter (UKE Hamburg) and Prof. Dr. Juliane Köberlein-Neu (University of Wuppertal).

Other changes on the board: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann (Greifswald) is now vice chairman, and Prof. Dr. Jochen Schmitt (Dresden) is the new general manager.

From left: M. Geraedts, M. Härter, W. Hoffmann, P. Falkai, M. Klinkhammer-Schalke, J. Schmitt, J. Köberlein-Neu, K.E. Dreinhöfer, H. Pfaff, E.A.M. Neugebauer (source: DNVF)