DGK doctoral scholarship for MHB student

Neuruppin/Bernau, 20 May 2020

Jonathan Nübel is one of the first cohort of students who started medical studies at the MHB in 2015. He is delighted with his success in the competitive application procedure, and grateful for the continuous backing he receives from Prof. Christian Butter and specifically PD Dr. Anja Haase-Fielitz as his academic supervisor.

Prof. Christian Butter directs the cardiology department at the Brandenburg Heart Center in Bernau and is in charge of the doctoral project. He is proud of Nübel’s successful application in the strong competition for scholarships against many cardiology departments at established German medical schools: “It indicates a growing awareness of the MHB among the expert community. At the same time, it demonstrates our research ambitions to the Brandenburg government who has started to give us financial support.” PD Dr. Anja Haase-Fielitz hopes for patient benefit as an additional result of the project which was set up in collaboration with the MHB psychology department.

Jonathan Nübel’s project (on cerebral oxygen saturation as indicator of cardio-renal function and neuro-cognitive outcome after TAVI (post TAVI)) is one of a total of 20 to be included in the Otto Hess scholarship programme per year.

The DGK supports experimental and clinical doctoral projects in order to make basic and clinical research more attractive for medical students. Scholarship winners receive 500 EUR per month for the duration of one year.

For detailed information on the scholarship see link on German website.