Closeness in times of social distancing

Neuruppin, 12 May 2020

The Brandenburg Medical School MHB joins a shopping voucher campaign initiated by a project team of the Neuruppin Lions Club and other regional partners. The idea is to give out vouchers of 50 EUR respectively in support of local retailers, gastronomers and service providers who have been hit hard by the Corona crisis. The vouchers are intended for individuals who have rendered outstanding services to the common good in this context.

MHB president Prof. Edmund Neugebauer points out that the idea behind the foundation of the Brandenburg Medical School was to educate physicians and psychologists specifically for Brandenburg: “Commitment to the region is part of our DNA. This is why we support this fine initiative, why we demonstrate closeness to others and responsibility despite the current need for social distancing.”

Ivo Haase co-ordinates the initiative. He underlines the importance of local dealers, restaurateurs, producers and service providers for the region, many of whom are struggling for economic survival: “Now it is our turn to do something for those who have always backed up our projects. At the same time, we want to show our gratitude and appreciation of those who in the present situation surpass themselves for the benefit of others.”

Sign of solidarity: MHB president Edmund Neugebauer, Nadine Shalala from MHB Fundraising, and Ivo Haase as project manager (from left; photo source: MHB)

What is already evident is that the response exceeds all expectations and targets. The initiators recruited many further partners and donors, among them the MHB. Haase invites everybody to buy vouchers from regional businesses and present them to particularly deserving persons: “I am delighted to see such strong signals of solidarity, dedication and optimism from institutions and individuals.”

According to Prof. Neugebauer, the MHB has acquired a total of 20 vouchers; ten will go to students in recognition of outstanding volunteer services during the past weeks of the pandemic. The project initiators will decide on how to distribute the remaining ten.

The original target was to buy 100 vouchers (hence the project name: “100 x 50 für unsre Heimat”). Thanks to the excellent response, so Haase, the new target is 200. He expects the initiative to be busy for the rest of the month.


Ivo Haase
Project manager „100 x 50 für unsere Heimat“
Lions Club Neuruppin
Phone: 0170 92 77 077
Nadine Roeseler-Shalala
Director, MHB Fundraising
Telefon: 03391 39-14106