Ceremony for first MHB psychology graduates

Neuruppin, 4 March 2019

The Neuruppin Tempelgarten hosted the farewell ceremony for the first generation of MHB graduates in psychology last Saturday. MHB president Edmund Neugebauer underlined the importance of this event in the history of the Brandenburg Medical School. April 2016 saw the start of the first class of psychology students in the Bachelor programme (together with medical students), the first Master students started in 2016.

Neugebauer praised the graduates for their pioneering and constructive spirit, dedication and perseverance, in the face of organisational difficulties in getting the psychology programme under way: “Thank you for your trust and for giving us the chance to write history together.”

Prof. Johannes Lindenmeyer (director/Salus Klinik Lindow and founding member of the MHB psychology department) expressed gratitude for support received from MHB staff and external instructors during the initial stage. He pointed to the patient-oriented focus in the model programme, comparable to the medical model curriculum, and mentioned MHB-specific formats like the Clinic Day and the so called TRIK seminars which combine practical clinical activities with sessions for valuable exchange with experienced therapists.

Ayke Limberg, Bachelor graduate and now enrolled in the Master programme, added the student perspective on the days when 24 brave newcomers began their Bachelor studies at the MHB and became actively involved in the planning and design of teaching and research in psychology, thus “paving the way for an entire university”.

Dr. Hannes König, well remembered by many as an instructor of clinical and social psychology and psychoanalysis in the early days of MHB, gave the keynote speech on the political relevance of taboo-breaking.

Each graduate received two commemorative gifts: an original and exclusive screen print of a work by Neuruppin artist Matthias Zágon Hohl-Stein, showing Theodor Fontane (after whom the MHB is named) sitting by Lake Ruppin with a view of the convent church of St. Trinitatis; and secondly, a small cactus – a plant, so President Neugebauer, not unlike the graduates in terms of adaptability, resilience and flexibility: “Staying power, motivation and persistence will remain requirements in your future working life. And we do hope you will remain hardy in the face of tricky situations.”

Singer/songwriter Sebastian Ripl, currently enrolled in the MHB Master programme “Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy”, rounded off the event with a concert after the official part, together with Selina Wolff.

The Neuruppin Tempelgarten hosted the farewell ceremony for the first generation of MHB graduates in psychology last Saturday.