Ailing Health System

Neuruppin/Brandenburg an der Havel, 27 July 2022

Our ailing health system and new ways to achieve patient-centred care are in the focus of this year’s summer school at the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB), campus Brandenburg an der Havel, from 19 to 23 September 2022 (event title: Patient Gesundheitssystem. Wege zu einer patient*innenzentrierten Versorgung).

Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer who is in charge of the summer school points to the very special content alignment and the signal being sent by the MHB in its commitment to a non-profit kind of healthcare oriented towards human needs.

For many years Neugebauer has criticized the health system for having lost sight of patients and human needs in general: “The Corona pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the deficits of an obsolete system of healthcare, and we cannot carry on as before. We have no problem with resources in our health system nor with the providers of services. On the contrary: our medical and nursing professionals are among the best. But we need to realize that in international comparison our system is too expensive and – most important – has lost its powers of innovation. The entire system is outdated, unwieldy and dysfunctional. Digitization may help but does not solve elementary structural problems.”

Neugebauer underlines the particular responsibilities of medical schools in training prospective physicians who upon graduation “will be released into an ailing healthcare system. We share responsibility for their future. Our summer school provides opportunities to get rebellious! The idea is to discuss innovative models and concepts for a sustainable health system and devise new ways towards the patient-centred system of healthcare we all deserve. The time has come to heal the ailing system and make it fit for the future. Our summer school is intended to contribute to this objective.”

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