A total success!

6 June 2018

MHB dean Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer mentions various stations and programme items on the day’s agenda. Visitors received detailed information on the Brandenburg medical model curriculum and the Bachelor course in psychology. This includes special features of Problem Oriented Learning (POL) as a teaching and learning format, insights into the weekly schedule at the LUK (Teaching and Communication Centre), and options such as grants to finance tuition fees at MHB. The latter, so Neugebauer, aim to ensure that studies at the MHB will remain a question not so much of money but rather of personality, suitability and motivation.
Dr. Eric Alexander Hoffmann, head of communications, invited interested individuals to learn more about what to expect here, about formal and personal application requirements and the criteria applied in admission procedures: “Visitors get an authentic impression of what makes MHB so special. They can talk to professors and ask students for comments and experiences.”

Large crowds at the MHB


Due to high demand and limited room capacity, the MHB had to close registration early, like last year. Hoffmann: “Obviously we are delighted with the steadily growing demand for our study programmes. But about 1,000 registered visitors were difficult to cope with at our small university. So the event presented a number of logistical and organisational challenges. In contrast to Open Days where visitors move freely on campus, we formed visitor groups. We offered a tightly packed agenda and aimed to present all important aspects of MHB programmes to all interested individuals. This year the presentation of the Brandenburg medical model curriculum was transmitted live to a second room, so that accompanying persons were able to attend. The part with information on finances – as a rule highly relevant to parents – took place in the largest available hall.”

Vivienne Meißner from Bad Zwischenahn is interested in studying medicine: “I am totally thrilled by so many impressions and lots of information. Thank you for this day! After several personal conversations with students I have decided to apply. What I liked best was the fast-track presentation of a week at the Teaching and Communication Centre with students demonstrating a POL tutorial. And the other stations were also very convincing, offering opportunities to ask questions and get competent and individual answers.”


Dean Edmund Neugebauer was highly pleased with the positive feedback from prospective students and accompanying persons. He gave thanks to the numerous MHB staff and students whose dedication played a vital role in conveying such a convincing and lively picture of the MHB. They all helped to make the information day a total success.

The next course in the MHB Bachelor programme of psychology will start on 10 October 2018; application deadline is 31 August 2018. The medical curriculum starts with each summer semester; application deadline for the next class in the Brandenburg medical model curriculum is 2 October 2018, online applications start on 1 August 2018; this date also applies for submission of application documents in writing.

MHB Dean Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer (front, left) welcomes numerous visitors.