“A job well done”

Neuruppin, 14 October 2020

Ultrasound tutors at the MHB, so called “sononauts”, and instructors of the Brandenburg Institute for Clinical Ultrasound (BICUS) attended the European Gastroenterology Congress from 11 to 13 October and presented interesting cases from practice. Due to the Corona pandemic the event was organized as a video conference exclusively.

Presenters of gastroenterological cases via live ultrasound demonstrations were Prof. Dr. Dieter Nürnberg (MHB senior professor of gastroenterology), Dr. Christian Jenssen (instructor, BICUS), as well as Eva Hamm and David Boten, two “sononauts” and MHB students of medicine (4th and 7th sem.).

Eva Hamm reports much tension at the beginning since the format of a live broadcast under real examination conditions was something new for all involved. BICUS presentations alternated with those from an ultrasound team from Timișoara (Romania). In the end, all participants were relieved and highly satisfied, so Hamm: “As a student, I am grateful for the unusual opportunity to give a presentation at an international congress, and I am looking forward to future BICUS projects.” David Boten is glad to see that advanced training in ultrasound and conferences can be organized in spite of the Corona pandemic.

Dieter Nürnberg praises the MHB students for their performance: “A job well done.”

Support for the BICUS team came from the medical clinic B/Ruppiner Kliniken, specifically from Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-H. Weylandt, Dr. A. Jung and Dr. M. Nürnberg, and from the MHB “sononauts” who took care of patients prior to and after sessions.