Brand new

21 August 2020

Place of honour for “Papa Fleischer”

MHB (Brandenburg Medical School) students, staff and management attended a ceremony in the senate hall last Wednesday to celebrate the 80th birthday of Prof. Dr. Günter Fleischer and award him a place of honour.


20 August 2020

MHB publishes nationwide clinical study on COVID-19

A team from Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) and Helios Health publishes first results of ongoing study. In a cohort of almost 2,000 COVID-19 patients admitted to one of 86 Helios hospitals in Germany since the start of the pandemic, two-thirds of ICU patients require mechanical ventilation, and one-third of those die in hospital.


04 August 2020

Information on Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

Here you find information provided by MHB on current measures and recommendations related to the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Information is being updated and amended on a regular basis.


25 July 2020

Focus on people

BMBF-funded research project at Brandenburg Medical School (MHB) explores social health in times of lockdown due to Corona pandemic. Guest commentary by Ulrike Gawande (Ruppiner Anzeiger)


06 July 2020

"We all have one and the same heart!"

MHB students create new mural as statement against racism.


08 June 2020

Virtual information day: a total success

The MHB organised its first virtual information day with pre-produced videos and an interactive live programme.


29 May 2020

Help in times of Corona

MHB psychology students offer digital consultancy on Corona.


26 May 2020

Heart issues

Medical students Alexander Krutz, Franz Eggert (both 3rd semester) and Jonathan Nübel (11th semester) initiate a working group for cardiovascular medicine in the summer term of 2020.


20 May 2020

DGK doctoral scholarship for MHB student

Jonathan Nübel, 11th-semester medical student, receives the Otto Hess doctoral scholarship from the German Cardiac Society DGK as the first student at the Brandenburg Medical School to be sponsored by the renowned medical society.


12 May 2020

Closeness in times of social distancing

The Brandenburg Medical School MHB joins a shopping voucher campaign initiated by a project team of the Neuruppin Lions Club and other regional partners.


11 May 2020

Another hurdle taken

The IMPP (National Institute for Medical and Pharmaceutical Examination Questions) reports that 40 out of 42 medical MHB students, i.e. the very first cohort, have successfully passed the second medical state examination.


15 April 2020

Virtual campaign against blood cancer

Saving lives in times of Corona: MHB student initiative and German bone marrow donor file DKMS start virtual typification campaign.


03 April 2020

Record number of grants

The MHB has received more entries than ever in this year’s competition for the grant programme Deutschlandstipendium. There is also a record number of available grants.


01 April 2020

"You can make a difference!"

Prof. Markus Deckert, Dean of the Departments of Medicine and Psychology, welcomes students at the start of the new semester.


26 March 2020

Brandenburg government approves 6.6 mio. EUR for MHB

Brandenburg’s coalition partners SPD, CDU and Green Party agreed on an amended budget for 2020 including 6.6 mio. EUR for the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) and unanimously adopted the motion in the budget and finance committee. The plenary session is scheduled for 1 April 2020.


13 March 2020

MHB takes steps to slow down progress of CoVID-19 pandemic

The Brandenburg Medical School has adopted restrictive measures to prevent a spread of the CoVID-19 pandemic at the MHB.


21 February 2020

Rüdersdorf: Winter School for MHB students

For three days in February, the Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf hosted a Winter School for MHB medical students with a focus on “Global Health". Report by Dr. Lydia Gabriela Stübler (Communications, Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf)


20 February 2020

German Pension Insurance Fund establishes research group at MHB

The Berlin-Brandenburg section of the German Pension Insurance Fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung – DRV BB) establishes a research group for rehabilitation sciences and care research at the MHB for an initial 5-year period, located at the MHB Centre for Health Services Research (ZVF-BB).


10 February 2020

Coveted teaching award for Stefanie Oess for the third time in a row

Award-winner Stefanie Oess feels pleased and honoured to be again named ‘best instructor’: “I joined the MHB three years ago because I found the innovative concept and the strong practice orientation convincing and was looking for new ways in student education. For biochemistry, this meant a departure from pure factual knowledge and a new focus on overarching concepts and their application in clinical settings. This repeated distinction implies that we are headed in the right direction.”


04 February 2020

"Only God knows …"

Interview with Johannes Lindenmeyer, MHB Professor of Clinical Psychology, on the full-time course in psychotherapy scheduled for the winter term 2010/21 at the MHB, and the changes and improvements to be expected.