Institute of Anatomy

Institute of Anatomy

Anatomy is the study of the structure of the healthy human body. It comprises structures that are visible to the naked eye (macroscopic anatomy) and microscopically small structures (histology, cytology) as well as the changes of these structures over time in the development of the organism (embryology). Anatomy does not only provide descriptions of such structures but explores them in their functional correlations and with a view to their significance for clinical medicine (clinical anatomy).

Embedded in the Brandenburg medical model curriculum, the Institute conveys the fundamentals of anatomy required for the medical profession in seminars, internships and other teaching formats. It addresses all morphological issues and learning objectives arising in the context of problem-oriented and clinical studies. Prof. Winkelmann is one of the instructors at advanced training courses in dissection for anatomists organized by the Association of Anatomists on a regular basis.

Among Prof. Winkelmann's key research interests are the handling of "human remains" in the course of history and today, ethical issues involved in the use of human bodies in anatomical teaching and research, the history of anatomy as well as topics from educational research. Prof. Winkelmann chairs the Federative International Committee for Ethics and Medical Humanities within the international association of anatomists IFAA. Dr. Wittenmayer has a research focus in neurobiology and primarily explores molecular mechanisms of synapse formation and the processes involved in the maturation and modulation of synaptic connections in the nervous system.

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Winkelmann -
Dr. rer. nat. Nina Wittenmayer -
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Institute of Anatomy
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