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Financial support for sustainable health care

Demographic change and a shortage of physicians compel the Land of Brandenburg to develop new solutions for sustainable health care. Past experience has shown that the output of doctors at other medical schools is not sufficient to supply Brandenburg with physicians for hospitals and medical practices. This is why several enterprising chief physicians and clinics in the region seized the initiative and founded the Brandenburg Medical School.

After four years of intense preparation the university was officially recognized by the Brandenburg Ministry of Science, Research and Cultural Affairs on 8 July 2014 and started operations with 48 students of medicine and 24 of psychology in the summer semester of 2015.

As a non-profit institution under municipal sponsorship, state-approved but not state-financed, MHB must cover all costs out of its own resources. Our students assume their share with tuition fees. In addition, our associates, affiliated and other cooperating hospitals contribute to the support and further development of MHB with attractive student loans and grants.

The MHB has joined the nationwide grant programme Deutschlandstipendium and thus offers its students the possibility of receiving a monthly allowance to help with living expenses. Commercial enterprises, foundations, associations and also private individuals are invited to contribute 150 EUR per month to the education of physicians and psychologists for the region. Public funds top up the grant to a total of 300 EUR per month and recipient.  

Founded in 2012, the MHB Förderverein is an association of donors and friends of the Brandenburg Medical School. Everybody is welcome to join in who wishes to receive regular updates on developments at MHB or provide moral and/or financial support.


Be part of a success story which has only just begun.

If you are interested in collaborating with MHB, supporting students and attracting qualified staff, please contact us:

Dr. Eric A. Hoffmann
Phone: +49 3391 39-14160