Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The faculty council is the highest academic body of the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB). According to the MHB constitution, the faculty council comprises six full-time university professors, one private practitioner or psychologist with teaching assignments, two academic staff members, one non-academic staff member, and three students.

Members ex officio are the vice dean for curricular and student affairs and the vice dean for research and academic affairs. The dean chairs the faculty council.

The director or deputy director of the department of psychology, the commercial director of MHB and members of the university hospital boards also attend meetings of the faculty council with the right to speak and file motions.

The faculty council is specifically responsible for the following matters:

  1. assistance in establishing the dean’s office in accordance with the MHB constitution, including the election of the dean,
  2. resolution on the dean’s university development planning,
  3. resolution on the business plan,

  4. resolution on the constitution and amendments thereof, the regulatory framework and other regulations passed by the university,
  5. resolution on appointment committees and the election of further committees and panels,
  6. discussion of reports by the dean or his/her deputy,
  7. bestowing academic honours,
  8. discussion of and decision on structural amendments,
  9. passing of study and examination regulations.

The faculty council may set up further committees and panels in addition to those mentioned above.
Sessions of the faculty council are open to university members, with the exception of personnel and financial matters. The faculty council may decide on a closed session with a majority vote in substantiated cases.

Members of the faculty council

Elected members

Prof. Dr. Markus Deckert
Prof. Dr. Stephan Gretschel
Prof. Dr. Christine Holmberg
Prof. Dr. Stefan Lüth
Prof. Dr. René Mantke
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Oess
Prof. Dr. Oliver Ritter
Prof. Dr. Andreas Winkelmann

Private practitioners:
Dr. Karin Harre

Academic staff:
Dr. Philipp Jaehn
PD Dr. Nina Wittenmayer

Non-academic staff:
Beatrice Schwarz

Anne Mohnke
Julian Mollin
Cindy Stern

Member by resolution of the Faculty Council:
PD Dr. Anja Harder