Cécile Ronckers

Dr. Ronckers
Current position:Scientific personnel
Specialist field:Biometrie und Registerforschung
Office address:

Institut für Biometrie und Registerforschung
Fehrbelliner Straße 38
16816 Neuruppin

Office phone number:+49 3391 39 14590
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Cécile Ronckers holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences (Maastricht University, 1995) and a PhD in Epidemiology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2001). Further training and research experience in risk modelling, radiation sciences, cancer epidemiology, and survivorship studies was obtained at the U.S. National Cancer Institute (1999-2006). She continued survivorship research at the Emma Children’s Hospital/AMC Amsterdam, embedded in the national LATER Study Group. In 2018 her ongoing research line on subsequent tumors and radiotherapy-related side effects was integrated into the new Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht (The Netherlands). She is an active member of trans-Atlantic consortia (PENTEC, IGHG) to summarize and translate scientific evidence into recommendations for care, and she serves as Board Member of the European PanCare Consortium. In 2019, she joined the Brandenburg Medical School in a dual position as Project Coordinator for a project about various aspects of second opinion procedures in the German health care system from patients’ and physicians’ perspectives (ZWEIT), and as Senior Researcher in the Institute for Biostatistics and Registry Research. For a complete CV, click here.


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