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We create efficient connections

The Brandenburg Medical School is closer to practice. Our concept is based on a network of cooperative arrangements which primarily include hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and private practices.

Cooperating hospitals

MHB concludes contracts with cooperating hospitals which are thus assigned the status of a “cooperating teaching hospital of MHB”. They contribute to the financing of costs and to student education by providing teaching staff, lectures and research projects. In addition, students complete their clinical electives or internships in these facilities. It is a declared objective at MHB to keep our prospective physicians and psychologists attached to the region, the clinic or practice.

Benefits for cooperating hospitals

  • easy recruitment and long-term commitment of new physicians
  • active involvement in research and teaching, which improves the quality of patient care
  • image boost through involvement in research and teaching
  • option of doctorates and postdoctoral lecturing qualifications for physicians on the hospital staff